Save Face Soar through Trials and Tribulations of Youth with ‘Folly’

Posted 1 year ago by Joel Funk


There was a point in time where the music that I listened to seemed to come exclusively from Fueled By Ramen. I was in middle school and had just fallen in love with Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco. My crappy second-hand iPod nano was in a constant state of shuffle, songs from Paramore, The Academy Is…, Fall Out Boy and their peers seemed to perfectly soundtrack those 3 years. The vocals and lyrics were often melodramatic and exaggerated, with hooks that told typical tales of the dog days of hormonal youth that were only amplified by angst. We’ve all seen the countless bands that have tried to keep that brand of FBR pop-rock alive, but none have done it in a fashion that feels as genuine as Save Face have done with Folly.

On paper, a lot what I loved about that music comes across as cheesy. It’s a fine-line to walk, being able to lay it on as thick as these bands do without coming across as being bogus for the sake of being bogus. It’s even harder to do this without inciting eyerolls and under the breath murmurs from those who claim to be too cool for an inarguably over-the-top and sweaty sing-a-long takes a lot of heart. I love that we’re steadily approaching the ten year anniversary of a lot of those songs and albums, and that listeners don’t have to exclusively dig through a decade(s) old catalogue to see this being done well. Save Face can proudly rest their laurels on their ability to write sugary sweet hooks that soar through the trials and tribulations of the everyday.

You don’t have to venture too far into Folly to see that I’m not just completely talking out of my ass. The first few seconds of “Ditched” are immediately bouncy and throws listeners into a fit of sweet vocals and a riff that will carry you through the track on repeat listens. This is only the EP’s second track, but it’s the one that hits you so hard that you’re cemented to the seat. From the throaty yelps used to accentuate the drama of lines like “It doesn’t matter to you / but it matters to me” to the bouncy, bound to be an adolescent Facebook status of “You can take it back but I’m not quite takin’ you back.” This is the moment that makes sure you’re paying attention. Even still, it’s all fun and games until you get to “Overdue.”

This is where the Save Face really shines. This is their super-saiyan moment, their final form, their mega-evolution. The song starts with the deliberately subdued delivery of opening lyric “Sorry I don’t love you” before the whole thing just gives way and becomes a moment of all encompassing light. This track is every piece of what this band is; sugary sweet vocals with the bite and bitterness of youthful angst soar over a hook that piledrives you into the ground before you even know what’s coming at you.

And that’s what this band does best. In the right era, Folly is the kind of record that would have landed Save Face on something like the Black Clouds and Underdogs tour. I’m willing to bet that in a few years time, we won’t be able to escape this band. Once people hear it, it’s impossible to not fall hard for this brand of deeply cathartic pop rock.

Folly is out now on Take This To Heart Records and you can purchase your copy here.