Review: The Pooches, ‘Heart Attack’


Written by Joel Funk

Have you ever heard of slacker pop? I first heard the phrase when looking at the tags on Diet Cig’s Bandcamp, and it was probably the first thing that stuck with me from that first run of Diet Cig listens. I was in love with the idea of these lazy Sunday morning kind of pop songs; songs that are easy to listen to and even easier to sing along to. That was never quite what Diet Cig has been for me, but I found everything I was looking for with Glasgow natives and recent Lame-O Records signees, The Pooches.

When I first heard “Heart Attack,” I was enamored. There is a sense of warmth to the tone of the track that will pull you in before you eventually cave into the track as a whole. The vocals are sweet and guide you through the full two minutes with ease, and will easily bring to mind soundtracks of those teen/sort-of indie romance comedies *cough* Juno and 500 Days of Summer *cough* that we all fell in love with in high school. Their debut EP is of the same name, and the release as a whole tends to fit that bill.

Each of these four songs would stand their own on any of those soundtracks, and ‘Heart Attack’ as a whole tends to feel like a soundtrack to falling in love. The warm and fuzzy that are born of their brand of lo-fi pop will fill you with the same butterflies you get when you see that person that you just can’t get enough of. You find yourself in love with things that would usually bother you, and you can’t quite put your finger on a reason why.

For instance, I don’t know that anybody would be able to pull off a song like “Pierre.” The song is repetitive at best and has moments that would usually drive me insane, but I can’t get enough of it. This is also the one song where I find myself singing the words wrong, no matter how often I try and correct myself. I know that what’s being sung is “Oh, Pierre” but ask me how many times I catch myself singing “Opiate.” The answer is too many and every single time, in case you were curious.

In all, ‘Heart Attack’ is an incredible debut from The Pooches. It’s this warm, fuzzy record that feels perfect for early Spring. Each listen warrants a repeat listen, and on each of those repeated listens, you find something new to fall in love with. I have found my slacker pop powerhouse, and I am excited to hear what’s next from the Glasgow natives.

This was posted 1 year ago by Joel Funk.
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