Review: Sneeze Bring Their Most Polished and Pure Grunge with ‘Rot’

Posted 1 year ago by Adam Gerhold


Boston’s Sneeze are releasing Rot, a six song ep courtesy of Glory Kid Records today and again the band comes through with their polished and fuzzy form of 90’s inspired grunge rock. For me Rot is Sneeze at their absolute best. The band is at their purest, rawest, and is more mature than their previous efforts. The songs are complex and delivered with a straightforward intensity. A band like Sneeze that has managed to capture a sound and run with it, cranking out great records while keeping it original and fresh, is something inspiring.

Rot opens with “Troll” with clean guitar and quiet drumming contrasted over singer Derek Desharnais rough vocals that then explode into a fuzzed out driving anthem. This is as close to as a ballad as the record has, and it works moving into the band’s second single off the record, “Movie Sex.” Desharnais’ vocals are at their best on this song showing his range and ability to stand up when the song slows down. The same is shown during a slower part on “Bag.”

The new maturity in songwriting becomes fully apparent on this song. Fuzzed out guitar and driving drums give way to single notes and clean guitar strumming blended in with Desharnais’ softer vocals. It leads into a driving movement towards the end which combines both the heavier guitar parts and softer noted into a soft wall of noise that hits you with exactly the right about of head bopping.

The record culminates with the title track “Rot.” It’s catchy, it’s full of movement, it’s the way to end the record.

Records like Rot for me are always more than just pieces of music. Records like this bring up memories; sometimes good, sometimes bad. They evoke specific feelings regarding the seasons, and the weather. For me, Rot is an experience. It’s something I put pictures too. Rain, city streets, holding hands, someone special, better times, worse times, etc. What makes a good record become a great record? Maybe this.

Rot is Out Today on Glory Kid. Pick up your copy here