Review: Ragged Lines, ‘Red Lights, Your Ghost’

Posted 4 months ago by Joel Todero

Ragged Lines from Asbury Park, NJ released their first full EP ‘red lights, your ghost‘ the middle of last month, and it’s something that’s been in my head for the greater part of the last two weeks. I remember listening to their two singles released last fall on repeat while on a bus up to Boston. These new songs are from the same vein of songwriting and have a sound that I feel like I’ve needed. Twangy guitar riffs with carrying vocals fill the whole EP with a special sound of its own. ‘Rut’ starts off the release with some quiet xylophone sounds before jumping headfirst into a fast-paced array of guitars and drums.

The bass-line in ‘Red Eye’ thumps my car every time. I feel like few songs can achieve satisfying verse-to-chorus transitions, and this is definitely one of them. Ringing organs fit right at home with the guitar tone while Matt V’s pumping drums are persistent.

‘Warm Visions’ and ‘She’s Been Waiting’ close out the EP with more variation. Horn-work in both ‘Red Eye’ and ‘She’s Been Waiting’ feels right at home. We’re revisited with xylophone rings again to close out the EP to have it come full circle. Carter, Lucas, and Matt have an incredible dynamic and I’m more than excited to see where they’ll go next. Keep up with the band’s shows on their Facebook and check out the new EP on Bandcamp, Spotify, or iTunes.