Review: Pity Sex, ‘White Hot Moon’


Pity Sex sits somewhere between lo-fi dream pop and dark-wave shoegaze. They have great upbeat musicianship mixed with slacker monotone vocals that take the previously mentioned genre’s and twist them in a concoction that becomes original and something all their own. White Hot Moon, the band’s second album will be released April 29 on Run For Cover Records. The record is a reflection on passing moments and those that stick around too long.

The record opens with the fuzzy upbeat “A Satisfactory World For Reasonable People” which features the distant vocal style of Brennan Greave accompanied by fellow singer/guitarist Britty Drake’s haunting and soft vocals. A solid taste for both singers approach, but Drake really stands out on the following track, “Burden You.” One of the best tracks on the record, Drake sings “I’ll never say I loved you because you know I still do,” encompassing the feeling of an ended relationship that hasn’t ended emotionally for one piece. A burden for both parties and something all too relatable

The slow burn of “September” has a daydream emotion to it. Like sitting on the porch or looking through the open window at absolutely nothing trying to find where it went wrong. The vocals have that lost quality to them. Like both Drake and Greave are just walking and singing in no particular direction or purpose other than it’s all they have left. Great octave guitar parts fill the background with solid stripped down drum parts. I really dig how the song ends too with a reverbed out guitar line. I almost thought it was a new song.

“Plum” is perhaps the deepest and most heart-wrenching song on the record. A song about the loss of a parent. Drake’s solo guitar and dreamy reflective voice opens the track alone until a fuzzy bass line and drums expand the closed space Drake creates as opposed to the space that’s created in “Orange And Red” with brighter tones and long spaces for building. Upbeat tom work by drummer Sean St. Charles and steady driving bass from Brandan Pierce while guitars soar and move above it all.

White Hot Moon is a record from a band on their way into something big. Figuring out what works, and taking influences from a few distinct genre’s that have their own signature sound and making them into one and their own. There is an overwhelming feeling of uneasiness throughout the record. Something vulnerable, something reflective, and something haunting, but done in a way that demands listening.

White Hot Moon comes out 4/29 on Run For Cover Records.

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