Review: Hurry Have Released The Most Nostalgic 90’s Pop Rock Record with ‘Guided Meditation’


Hurry just managed to release one of the most nostalgic, 90’s alternative pop rock records in recent memory. ‘Guided Meditation’ out now on Lame-O Records is familiar, catchy, and everything wonderful about the alt-pop resurgence all mashed into 10 songs, and the band does it so well it seems effortless which only adds to their obvious and incredible talent for songwriting.

Songs like the album opener “Nothing To Say,” and follow-up tracks, “When I’m With You,” and “Fascination” are instant classics; contagious with hints of college rock, and an overwhelming nostalgic trip to middle school. First dates, school dances, problems we thought were problems until we grew up and found out what problems are.

The record blends together as a solid concise piece of music and Hurry sit nice in tight in what they do well, and they do it very well, but there are a few nice detours throughout the record.

Songs like “Love Is Elusive” with that great intro piece and “I Wanna Be You.” The songs are faster and grungier with a heavy 90’s Weezer vibe. Hurry manages to dabble in some dream pop on “Sinking Feeling” and even sprinkles of dark wave in “Telepathic” with distant vocals and darker low notes in the chorus with that synth-style guitar part.

Guided Meditation is a perfect title for a record of nostalgia-filled, reminiscent, and familiar tracks of growing up, and getting over a mundane existence as an adult. It’s solid, refreshing, and catchy, and the perfect record for the forthcoming summer months.

Guided Meditation is out now on Lame-O Records.

This was posted 1 year ago by Adam Gerhold.
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