Review: Greater Pyrenees, self-titled


My initial interest in Greater Pyrenees had a lot more to do with the label their on than their music. I don’t feel bad about saying that, in part because nobody had really heard anything before they released “Homemade Blood” in the middle of March. Their label, Procrastinate! Music Traitors, is owned and operated by Brand New and aside from this Greater Pyrenees record, has only housed one other original release.

Yes, I came for the fact that I wanted to see what kind of band the members of Brand New felt like signing to their label, but I stayed because of what a great song “Homemade Blood” is on its own merits. The minimalism of the music gave off an incredible singer-songwriter vibe to the track that drew me in, and Kirkpatrick’s sweet and nostalgic vocals were the cement blocks around my feet that kept me there. It does a great job of painting a picture of what you can expect from this self-titled effort as a whole; a subdued and emotionally wrought listening experience.

I won’t lie, on first listen the whole of this record is hard to differentiate from anything else to come from somebody who made their hedges in the indie scene of the early-mid 2000s. ‘Greater Pyrenees’ was definitely a grower, with songs like “Homemade Blood” and “Close” being the only real exceptions to that rule. With that in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that these were the two songs chosen as singles for the album. They show off Kirkpatrick’s knack for songwriting at it’s best and will easily rope listeners in for the long haul — at least once.

The songs are well-written and songs will leave you humming along, but it’s lacking that something special that makes it stand out from the sea of releases that have flooded the genre. If you’re into the kind of folky, singer-songwriter style of indie that was so popular in the mid-aughts and looking for something inoffensive to play in the background, you’re going to love Greater Pyrenees’ self-titled album.

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