Look Mexico Offer a Fresh & Nostalgic Experience with ‘Uniola’

Posted 1 year ago by Adam Gerhold


Florida’s Look Mexico are back with their newest full length, Uniola. The record is a weird nostalgic listen for me. Each song brings out a different season of the year and with each song and season I am bombarded with memories and feelings that each season has brought to me. It’s a strange and wonderful kind of thing. Along with all that feely stuff the record incorporates bits and pieces of some of my favorite bands.

I hear Modest Mouse in “Ride or Die, Remember?” and I hear Pet Symmetry styled progressions in “You’re Lucky You Didn’t Lose Your Arm” and there are great American Football guitar tones throughout the album and especially in “I Even Got This Scar To Match.” All of these influences spiraled into a signature math-rock sound with Matt Agrella’s familiar yet unique vocal style and relatable lyrics.

The record opens with “Ride or Die, Remember?” A Modest Mouse influenced track with noodling guitar work that drives on with a few tempo changes between the verses and chorus and takes a great turn towards the end a really driving drum swell. On “I Even Got This Scar To Match” noodling guitar work is replaced by more heavy chord work and driving bass, and on “My Superman Seat-Grab Barrel Roll? I’m Still Working On It” the tides turn yet again with an opening vocal arrangement moving away to release a chant heavy chorus of “Hey’s” and head bobbing.

Throughout the record I continue to get the feeling that some of the musicianship shouldn’t fit where it fits, but it does. The songwriting is that of a veteran band. Quick time changes, crystal clear guitars, and machine precision drumming, all mixed in with Agrella’s vocals at a perfect volume. Never too out front but not buried within either. When you can pick out specific parts as a singular piece but see the songs as a whole as well, that’s when you know there is something special here. And mixing the amount of influences while still managing to create something familiar, emotional, and completely original is what this is all about, right?