Hurry Deliver Casual Feelings on New EP


At its basis, rock and roll is rooted in a pretty simplistic formula, one that Philadelphia’s Hurry has skillfully tapped into. The trio, which features members of Everyone Everywhere, Univox, and Psychic Teens, released their sophomore LP, Guided Meditation, earlier this year. Equipped with jangly guitars, clean melodies, and carefully constructed pop hooks, the album showcased return to form stylings of 60s pop rock and subsects of the 90s alternative scene influenced by the former.

The group continue the trend on their newest offering, the three track EP, Casual Feelings. Citing influence from Teenage Fanclub and Guided by Voices, Casual Feelings also draws likeness to 80s British post-punk on its eponymous opening track. “Casual Feelings” cascades with a guitar lead rich in chorus and reverb effects, echoing the early work of Johnny Marr and Porl Thompson. The song contains surf rock elements in the form of dynamic basslines, splashy ride cymbal and open hi-hat hits, and guitar vibrato. Rounded out by its strong chorus hook, guitarist/vocalist Matt Scottoline pleads, “It’s not my fault I’m crazy for you / What kind of sense is this to come to,” amongst a series of well-placed “woo hoo hoos.”

“All Night” plants itself around a two-chord structure and bouncy tom fills. 60s pop proclivities continue in the chorus with tambourine and Scottoline’s sugary lyric, “And the cover band kept playing the same song / And the two of us we danced all night long.” The bridge features a simplistic guitar solo, an understated approach also implemented in the track prior. The closing number, “Guided Meditation,” (likely a leftover from the record of the same name) relies merely on electric guitar, bass, and bits of synthesizer to deliver its forthright message in the lines, “I can’t help myself it’s what I do / Convinced that I’m in love with you.”

Through lyrical themes of unrequited love placed against the backdrop of bright guitar melodies and earnest hooks, Hurry showcase the undeniable pop sensibilities of accessible rock and roll. Casual Feelings further demonstrates that pop songs don’t need to be overly intricate or complex in order to be catchy. The only intricacy required is creating a hook that will embed itself in the memory of the listener – the most difficult challenge of songwriting in and of itself, seemingly comes with ease for Hurry.

Casual Feelings is out now! Pick up your copy here.

This was posted 9 months ago by Zach LaRose.