Just Listen 01. Valentine’s Day with Strange Mother

I could not be more excited to announce that we finally have a podcast! Some of you remember a short-lived feature we ran called The Mixtape Project. The goal of that was to get people within the scene (artists/labels/bloggers) to sit down, make a playlist for us, and talk about the music they chose! That concept has been reborn as a podcast, now called Just Listen, hosted by the wonderful Julie Gomez and Lindsey Blisard. We talk about mental health, how Strange Mother got their start, and eventually, a collection of songs that screams Valentine’s Day to the folks in Strange Mother. Clips of each song are sprinkled throughout the episode, along with a little bit of information about why they chose each song. We really hope you enjoy!

You can listen to the inaugural episode of Just Listen below, where you’ll also find the full playlist mentioned throughout the episode.

This was posted 5 months ago by Joel Funk.
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