Tiny Stills Launches Kickstarter For Second Album

Posted 10 months ago by Scott Fugger

Tiny Stills, who you may remember from our interview last year, has officially launched a Kickstarter for LP 2. The band is self-described as “Rilo Kiley meets Weezer’s chill emo son Death Cab for Cutie and they made a love child named Tiny Stills.” Following a successful campaign in 2013 for Falling Is Like Flying, this time around is bigger and better than ever. Rewards include colored vinyl, t-shirts, handmade lyric booklets, one of a kind posters, and more. And, of course, the warm feeling you get from supporting people in their creative endeavors. The campaign began just three days ago and is already nearly a third of the way to it’s goal.Check out the Kickstarter video above as well as their previous album and links to full details below.


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