Save Face Debut a Syrupy Sweet Lyric Video for “Back Seat”

Posted 1 year ago by Joel Funk

save face

Save Face frequented America’s Diner quite often while on tour with Everyone Leaves. On what they’re claiming to be their billionth stop, they decided to slam down some pancakes and make a lyric video for the song “Back Seat,” which comes from their incredible new Folly EP. You can find the lyric video and a statement from the band in regards to this video and their upcoming tour dates below.

We had an off day in California during the North American tour we’re doing, and we eating at Denny’s for like the millionth time and just decided to make a stupid video for “Backseat”. We have 5 more days with Everyone Leaves before we meet up with The Traditional and wrap up the tour. After getting the all you can eat pancakes, we have learned that the most Tyler can eat is 5 and a quarter, while Chris was able to put down 7.

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