Premiere: Origami Army Share Some “Perspective” In New Music Video

Posted 11 months ago by Scott Fugger


It is a big day for Origami Army, the side project of The Great Heights Band‘s vocalist Neal Karkhanis and In Your Memory‘s guitarist Casey Reid. The band’s debut EP What Is and What Can Be can be streamed on Spotify as of today, and it is our pleasure to bring premiere the music video for “Perspective”.

Of the EP Karkhanis says, “This record is really special for me because it was the first time I have been able to work on a project where I didn’t write the vast majority of the music. Casey’s music is super creative and beautiful, and it was really exciting to just focus my attention on words and vocals. Writing the record over email was interesting because I found myself alone in a West Hollywood apartment for a few months, which gave me an opportunity to really collect my thoughts after totally isolating myself. The songs are mostly about using space and distance to find yourself, but by the end, realizing it’s time to go back home.”

The video itself is presented as a black and white journey through a day in the life of Karkhanis, while the song mixes ambient instrumental tracks with subdued vocals and a slight inkling of pop.  In the chorus, this feeling and the sentiment of the EP is perfectly encapsulated with the lines “I wanna feel the warmth of the summer / I wanna feel the arms of another / Get some sun and share some perspective / Hit the beach and forget this ever happened.”


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