Premiere: Jared Grabb Gets Back To The Somber Roots of Country with ‘Masters’

Jared Grabb has always felt at home in Southern Rock. When he hasn’t been touring the country as a solo act, he’s had a hand in shaping bands like The Forecast, Scout’s Honor, and Angry Gods. He’s recently come off of a five-year hiatus following the birth of his daughter, and the struggles of acclimating to life outside of Chicago and the shift in perspective that comes with starting a family have helped to shape the music he’s making now. Masters is Jared’s first album back, and it’s riddled with the somber tones that make Country music feel like a place you can go for moments of true catharsis. The music itself is often quiet, matching both the somber tone of the lyrics and Grabb’s morose vocals. These ten songs are some of the most chilling that you’re going to hear this year, and I couldn’t be more excited to share them with y’all. You can pre-order Masters here and you can stream the album in full below.

This was posted 5 months ago by Joel Funk.
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