A Conversation With Kill Vargas On The Love Of Performance

Posted 7 months ago by Scott Fugger

Kill Vargas are a band that’s very much of the moment. With a grinding garage rock sound they take influence from the likes of Fidlar, Rozwell Kid, and Wavves – bands that could easily become their peers as Kill Vargas continues to grow. The band most recently released their full-length record, Tunnel Vision.

Speaking of their inspirations, drummer Logan Bush says, “Those younger, newer bands not only influence our music, but our live shows as well. We love watching an energetic live show and then coming home and wanting to do it ourselves.” There is a concentrated effort on switching things up in a way that gives their audience at concerts a different experience than their recorded tunes. “We extend our songs, add new parts, speed them up or slow them down and change it up so it’s a new show every time… We focus on trying to give more of a show rather than just playing the songs.” For example “Tunnels,” the first track off the new record, more than doubles in length from four to ten minutes when Kill Vargas plays live.



The band is able to put so much into their performances in part because the local Wichita, Kansas scene is finally starting to thrive. “There used to be 20-25 kids coming out to shows and now there’s an average of 100-150 coming out to DIY local shows.” As a young band, the need for All Ages venues is especially strong, but thankfully there are plenty of coffee shops houses, and parking lots to go around. Bush loves that the seen only continues to grow and believes that word of mouth has played an integral role in it. “More and more kids are bringing their friends to local shows, and their friends bring more friends next time, and then they tell some more friends.” Playing live and touring is the main focus of Kill Vargas and Logan takes time almost every day to plan for the future by reaching out and making important connections. “We love being out on tour and whenever we get home from a run we’re always super inspired and excited to get back out.”

Earlier this year, Kill Vargas was chosen to do a Daytrotter session, a dream come true for the band. It was while booking their tour for March of this year that Bush decided to reach out to see if the band could set something up. It was a great experience for the band and fans alike, especially those who haven’t been able to experience the band live, as it gives a taste of what their live shows are like. Plus, says Bush, “It was cool seeing all the posters on the walls from past sessions of bands that we listen to all the time.” The way this band grinds, they may soon be held in similar regard by others rolling through the Daytrotter studios.


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