You Always Knew Me Last Week Embrace the Darkness of Autumn with ‘Haunter’


You Always Knew Me Last Week is the kind of project that instantly engulfs you; effortlessly blending together elements of jazz to create a sound that feels just as new as it does familiar. On Haunter, YAKMLW has managed to capture the feelings that come with the transition from Autumn into Winter. It’s a reflection of the cold and somberness of  late October that can only be lessened by an artificial warmth. In this instance, the warmth comes from the varied contribution of vocals. Haunter’s first track is called “Haunted” and features the soulful and emotive vocals of Michi Tassey. The way their vocals swell over “Weight of regret / time lost / held back / by broken wings” is an experience in its own right. Between the vocal tracks we’re given some room to breathe; the lush instrumentals on “Reflect” and “Depressed” creep their way into your chest to ensure things are starting to feel heavy. They rise and they fall — roller coasters of emotion in their own right, working together to remind you of what a masterpiece Haunter truly is. We couldn’t be more excited to share Haunter with y’all. The equally chilling visual counterpart can be found below.

You can download Haunter here

This was posted 9 months ago by Joel Funk.
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