Top Ten of 2015 — Day 3

Posted 2 years ago by Joel Funk


Written by Caitlin Kohn

1. Turnover – Peripheral Vision

The first recollection I have of this album is of me sitting in my car outside of Cumberland Farms replying to one of Joel’s double/triple/quadruple texts about how solid this album was. A huge reason I only have a top 5 of 2015 rather than a top 10 is for the sole fact that I basically only listened to this album for pretty much the entire year (slightly hyperbolic, but still). Turnover does no wrong and this album is flawless from front to back. It’s a daydream that I don’t want to ever wake up from.

2. State Champs – Around the World and Back

I’m going to sound like THAT person for a second, but hear me out. Being from the Albany-ish area, I’ve seen State Champs countless times in the past six years (shout out to Timehop for that exact reference). I was skeptical that they would be able to follow up The Finer Things with something equally as giant, but Around the World and Back has just the right mix of catchy as hell pop choruses and edgy riffs that have come to make them the one of the biggest names in the scene. Plus, is there anything Derek can’t do vocally? (Edit: after seeing him do guest vocals for The Acacia Strain this past week, the answer is officially no, there is not).

3. Coheed and Cambria – The Color Before the Sun

The first non-concept album from a concept only band sounds like a bad move from the get-go. The step away from The Amory Wars, however, allows Claudio and co to show a much more personal expression, most notably Claudio’s adventures in fatherhood on “Atlas” and his experiences with accidentally renting out his house to a regional drug operation in “Young Love.” It was also recorded live, which only adds to the more organic and natural feeling of the album. While it’s not a favorite of all die-hard children of the fence, and definitely not the most “proggy” thing they’ve released, it’s still an incredible album full of similar themes of family, self-doubt, and progression.

4. Adventures – Supersonic Home

This is a weird album for me. I started out digging the sound and listening to it so much, that I thought I grew to hate it. It’s like when you eat your favorite food so much, that it just becomes mediocre to you. It’s one of those albums though that I still find myself listening to all the time. I don’t know what Adventures is doing here, but I keep coming back. Joel described this album as “comfortable” in his review, and that hit the darn nail on the head. I’m comfortable here, warm, and snugly. I think I’ll stay for a while.

5. The Front Bottoms – Back on Top

I was struggling over this last spot hard. This spot almost belonged to Foxing’s incredible new album, Dealer, but ultimately the accessibility and carefree feelings that BOT project made it infinitely easier for multiple listens and helped it secure the #5 title. At the end of the day, “Help” has probably been stuck in my head at least once a day since the single was released. It’s not technically sound, metaphorical, or intricate in any way, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s easy and fun and one of my favorite releases of theirs to date.

I know this is supposed to be a top ten, but Caitlin was so infatuated with Peripheral Vision that she missed out on a lot of great music this year. Enjoy her top 5 anyway! – Joel