Premiere: Shark Club, ‘Sweet Beginnings’

Posted 3 months ago by Joel Todero

“Sweet Beginnings” is a track by New Jersey’s Shark Club, off a three-way split along with Elephant Jake and Stand and Wave. The EP releases at the end of this week on the ever-so-spooky Friday the 13th. A fitting name for the split being “ElephantSharkWave Presents: Friday the 13th: The Made for TV Movie (The Official Soundtrack) Volume 1 (Remastered)” The song has nostalgic feel coming right out of the chorus, with some battling vocals near the end that really wrap up those same emotions. Solid emo band with that emo-rock sound.

Releasing on Wreck It Records, you can pre-order the split here, and check out more of Shark Club’s music at their bandcamp page here.

Stream ‘Sweet Beginnings’ below: