Press Play: Save Face

Posted 1 year ago by Chris Freeman

save face

Coming from New Jersey, Save Face are an emo/rock outfit that deserve your attention. Incorporating intricate leads, engaging drum parts, and energizing meter changes, this New Jersey band is beaming with a level of talent and appeal that is comparable to bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday, and Saves The Day. Unlike many modern emo bands who prefer to tap, hammer-on, and pull-off their way through an entire piece, Save Face capitalize on a deeply rooted rhythm section—making for notable and demanding choruses. With their most recent EP, Folly, the band stays true to their sound and provides a cohesive and intelligible six-song release. However, with attentive songwriting and dominating rhythms, each song sounds unique.

”Folly” is about confrontation, communication, and how anxiety plays into both. In a broad sense, it’s meant to explore coping and coming to terms with a toxic relationship. In my case, it was about my relationship with myself while dealing with things that I had internalized for years, and the various unhealthy ways I went about it. I hope anyone who listens can construct their own meaning; I think any art should be open to interpretation. – Tyler Povanda (Guitar/Vocals)

You can stream Folly and connect with Save Face below.

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