Press Play: Mr. Phylzzz



No, you’re not having a seizure, you read the band name right and, assuming you really did Press Play, you’re hearing them correctly as well. Oddly enough, their debut EP, Sound Like Everybody Else, sounds pretty darn far from everybody else.

While the name and tracklisting (IN ALL CAPS) are eye-catching on their own, this Cincinnati two-piece has the music to back it up and keep your attention. Bringing lo-fi melody together with a sludge-y hardcore intensity these four songs feel utterly chaotic. This release oozes the energy of a live show, especially due to the dense wall of noise the mr.phylzzz has created. At the same time, they are all well crafted and don’t give the sense of being simply thrown together despite the fact that they were each originally written in the short spans of times that the members were able to get together.

Listening to mr.phylzzz is certainly a unique experience and worthy of your time experimenting with it. Even if you don’t enjoy it, you’ll surely get something out it.

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This was posted 1 year ago by Scott Fugger.