Press Play: Kayak Jones


Kayak Jones, a four piece emo/rock outfit from Dubuque, Iowa, prove the state has more to offer than farms and The Field of Dreams. With songs that harness mid-tempo grooves, charismatic drum parts, and energizing lead guitar riffs, it is certain that fans of Moose Blood, Transit, and The Story So Far would have their expectations met. Kayak Jones hone many characteristics of the nearly come-and-gone emo revival but stray from love songs and pseudo-teen angst. Instead, the emo quartet focuses on the hardships of broken family life, substance abuse, and getting adequate help.

I think that people should talk more about how substance abuse is a problem, and they should get help if they need it. I think that close members of their life should also make it a point to help and be there for them. It’s a struggle for everyone. – Tyler Zumhof (Guitar/Vocals)

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