Press Play: Cheem

Cheem: it’s not really a word, but it is a band name. They got your twinkles and twang, your jingles and jangles. The band combines an emo foundation with math rock, powerpop, and alternative grooves. A smooth and even vocal delivery ties their music together, preventing the listening experience from becoming overly scattered. The result is music that it’s incredibly danceable, if that’s your thing. If not, I challenge you to resist the urge to at least bob your head. Last year’s Making a Planet, was nothing to shrug off, but a year is a long time and their newest single, “Spiral”, shows off a sound that has at the same time matured and become even more eclectic. As one of Connecticut’s most consistent bands, Cheem has more music on the way so you might as well get into them now.

Oh, and if the music wasn’t enough to love about this band, their 90s GeoCities meme game is on point.

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This was posted 4 months ago by Scott Fugger.
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