Press Play: Bogues

Posted 1 year ago by Chris Freeman


Bogues, a solo act from Murfreesboro, Tennessee’s Aj Greunwald, is nostalgic, somber, and potent with charisma. Capturing raw emotion with a mostly clean electric guitar and shaky vocals, Bogues is an artist more than worthy of a listen from fans of Turnover, Julien Baker, and Pinegrove. While singer/songwriter, Aj Greunwald, often delivers descriptive lyrics from his head voice, he is no stranger to sending you off to an entirely different emotional spectrum with effectively placed leaps into a higher vocal register. Bogues’ debut EP, Mulligan, consists of only four songs but provides enough substance to validate perpetual listening.

”Mulligan” is a somber story of somebody who desperately needs a second shot and is just trying to find out how to get it. Themes like significant change in one’s life, coping mechanisms, and fleeting relationships arise as our protagonist, Andrew J. Bogues, half-drunkenly stumbles through a couple of the worst months of his life. – Aj Greunwald (Bogues)

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