Premiere: Unturned Showcase Personal Growth With “Pituitary”


“Pituitary” is the newest release from Minneapolis’s Unturned in conjunction with Tilde Records. Though it will not be out officially until August 12, 36vultures is rolling out an exclusive full streaming premiere today. Read up on the EP, give it a listen, and get your preorders in.

Unturned’s five new tracks fall squarely into the category of “pop punk jams,” with clear influences from a variety of other genres, especially emo and hardcore. “When it comes to any song by any artist I listen to the most important thing to me is how well the lyricist can convey what they are feeling in the most genuine and honest way possible,” says vocalist Parker Toyne. Bands like Touché Amore and The Wonder Years played a strong role in the writing of this album, as Toyne would do his best to illicit similar responses from listeners of Unturned as those he has to these other band’s deeply personal lyrics.

The EP’s title references the songs’ lyrical content of emotional growth in a real-life way. The band was having trouble coming up with a name to accurately represent what they were saying until bassist James Goranson happened to learn about the pituitary gland, which regulates growth in the body, during a psychology class. This clicked with him and he excitedly proposed the name to the rest of the band immediately after getting out of class. “With zero hesitation all of us agreed that that’s what we should call it and we’re all pretty happy with that decision,” says vocalist Parker Toyne.


Just as impressive as the music itself is both the quality of the recordings and the way these five songs are able to create a flow in the same way a full-length album would, both of which were important to Unturned going into the process. The flow of “Pituitary” was never an issue, as the band kept that in mind from the very beginning. According to Toyne, “We always looked at what we were writing as a whole.” Transitions, track position, and the relationships between songs were all aspects that were considered throughout the writing. “It was a really cool process approaching it with that state of mind.” Unturned’s in-studio experience played a largely similar role to the final output. “We spent 4 days at Pound Sound Studios in St. Paul, Minnesota with our friend Jeremy Tappero,” says Toyne, “and I can honestly say that working with him at his studio was probably most fun we’ve ever had as a band.” There were no scheduling pressures and the band was able to keep at it until things sounded exactly as they wanted. When it came to mastering, the band decided to go with Alan Douches. Toyne points to The Wonder Years’ Suburbia, I’ve Given You All And Now I’m Nothing and The Greatest Generation as two of Douches’ literal thousands of credits that most influenced this decision. “We were really into the fact that everything he touches turns out sounding just massive production wise” – a sentiment that is surely accurate with “Pituitary” as well.

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