Premiere: Punk Hands, ‘Falling’

Posted 3 months ago by Joel Todero

Punk Hands is the solo project of Emma Karchner, who has recently relocated to Philadelphia, PA. Below is a stream of ‘I Love You,’ the first track off of the upcoming EP ‘Falling.’ Emma says “I personally never wanted to create an EP or anything that was perfect, merely music that would make people feel something.” It will release on November 24th and will be available on Spotify, iTunes, and the Punk Hands bandcamp page. The EP was recorded by Emma and also Tyler Povanda (of Save Face).

‘I Love You’ is an emotional car ride through the woods in the fall. Soft and wavy vocals carry melody while guitar fills the track to the brim. These songs are full of thoughtful songwriting carry a lot of feeling behind them. Stream “I Love You” below and follow the project on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, and Bandcamp.