Premiere: Living Tradition, ‘Habitual Creatures’

Posted 3 months ago by Joel Todero

Living Tradition from New Brunswick, NJ has been working on this for over year, and the time has come. They release their ‘Habitual Creatures’ LP today. 10 tracks of some of the catchiest alternative tracks you’ve heard this year. The album starts off some well incorporated trumpet, and the rest of the album is filled with ringing guitars and funky driven bass riffs. P2P goes from a slow jam to a song that’ll have basements shaking. With lines like “If you don’t agree that we’re all here for something, then all of your efforts will amount to nothing. This is the process to progress, that I can no longer digress.” you can’t help but feel motivated.

Being able to have watched some of these songs transform from what they were over a year ago is humbling.  The songwriting, attention, and clear detail that was laid into these tracks is very evident. Their release show is tonight at the Grand Exchange in NBNJ. Check out their Facebook here for future announcements. Stream the album below: