Premiere: Know Secrets Embody The Aggressive Spirit of Punk with ‘At Rise’

know secrets promo

Maybe it’s the warmer weather, but I’ve recently found myself with quite a penchant for the sounds of brash and in your face punk. Know Secrets is a band from San Francisco who has taken this genre and blended it with their post-hardcore influence similar to bands like Fugazi and Queens Of The Stone Age. They will release their new album, ‘At Rise,’ later this month through the 301 Collective. There’s a lot about this record that makes it feel important. There’s the fact that ‘At Rise’ is a collaborative effort between the band’s only traditional member, Eric Urbach, and nineteen other incredible musicians from the Bay Area — and the fact that the energy of these songs feels so much like a flash in the pan. There’s a visceral feeling of anger that’s the real driving force of these songs that works in tandem with the nature of punk rock; it’s incredibly present on songs like “The American Lust” and “Tell Me About The World.”

You can stream ‘At Rise’ in full below before it’s release on June 11th.

This was posted 1 year ago by Joel Funk.