Human Kitten, Velvet Waltz

Premiere: Human Kitten, ‘Velvet Waltz’

Posted 3 months ago by Joel Funk

Emo seems to have slowly started morphing into a dirty word again, and a lot of that has to do with the way the music is starting to feel less and less genuine. Human Kitten seemingly exists as a remedy to that. Their low-fi bedroom pop brandishing of the genre reads like the innermost workings of sole band member Elijah Llinas finally making their way into the outside world. They’ve picked a moniker and taken on a life of their own, and while Velvet Waltz is by no means a debut for Human Kitten, it feels like a step towards something much bigger for the project.

The album comes to a bombastic opening with Stuck Neverlasting. The song has one of the strongest melodies on the record, with verses that feel like early The Front Bottoms and a pseudo-chorus that will creep its way into your head and becoming that thing you sing to yourself while you’re working. There’s something special about the way that this record sounds like what it is; a bedroom recording project that exists to say what Elijah may otherwise feel unable to. The heartbreaking themes of love, loss, and the stagnant boredom of youth are on full display throughout the whole of Velvet Waltz in a way that will keep pulling you back to the record.

I’m so excited to be able to share this record with y’all before it’s release next week. It’s an incredible collection of songs that are sure to make Human Kitten a name that you’re going to make sure that you remember. You can stream Velvet Waltz in full below. Just be sure to grab yr tissues because it’s a good one!

Velvet Waltz is out 10/31. Pre-orders are available above.