Premiere: Hot Mulligan Bring Us to Super Mario Land with “I Fell In Love With Princess Peach”

Posted 2 years ago by Joel Funk

hot mulligan

I’ve had the pleasure of watching Hot Mulligan grow from the band they were on ‘Fenton’ into the burgeoning young emo band that we’re about to discuss. As part of Save Your Generation’s annual T.V. Dinner split, Hot Mulligan are bringing you their most impressive song yet. “I Fell In Love with Princess Peach” perfectly encapsulates all of the traits that make Hot Mulligan one of my favorite bands, the strongest of which being the emotional charge present in both [Tades] Sanville and [Chris] Freeman’s vocals. It’s this delivery that will make you swoon over lyrics that would usually be met with dismissal, like the all important “If you could change anything/Please just stay the same/Because I love everything about you.” It’s an impressive feat, and only a taste of what Hot Mulligan has in store for us all in the months to come.

You can pre-order the T.V. Dinner Split here, and you can stream “I Fell In Love With Princess Peach” after the cut.