Premiere: Head Spell, ‘Shut-In’

Posted 4 months ago by Joel Todero
Today, 36vultures is premiering ‘Shut-In’ – the first single off of Head Spell‘s upcoming EP “Take What You Can Get”.
Vibrant guitar leads, 5/4 time signatures, dueling vocals, and pumping bass lines; Shut-In is an amalgamation of some of the band’s strongest points.
Vocalist and guitarist Jonathan Arocho showcases a vocal dynamic that ranges from a hushed lull, to a fervent scream, all while forming a perfectly cohesive piece. It’s a track that sits somewhere between the era of Title Fight’s “Shed” and You Blew It’s “Keep Doing What You’re Doing.”
“I think this is the last song we finished writing for the record,” says bassist Tyler Chau. “Jon really went all-out in the vocal booth for the background part of the chorus. There’s a lot of energy throughout the whole song and it’s one of my favorites to play live.”
“Take What You Can Get” will be the band’s first release. The record was produced by Billy Mannino (Oso Oso, “The Yunahon Mixtape”) at VuDu Studios in Port Jefferson, NY. The EP will see a run of cassettes through ok sweet records and a shirt design by Corey Purvis. You can pre-order the record, which comes out November 17thhere.