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Premiere: Haunter create an eerie and warm brand of nu-jazz on ‘Chiller’

Posted 3 months ago by Joel Funk

Haunter exists between genres– blending a medley of outside influence into their brand of sporadic and energetic nu-jazz, creating a sound that is uniquely their own. The world got their first taste of what Haunter brings to the table earlier this year when they released their self-titled debut on Topshelf Records. It’s only been a few months since that was released, but in that time, Haunter has made sure to keep their nose to the grindstone. Today, I’m excited to share the five-song follow up to this EP, a stunning and entrancing new EP called Chiller.

On this record, Haunter creates a vibe that feels both calming in the warm tones of its jazz influence and anxious in it’s manic and broad pool of samples and musicality. It’s dark and explorative; taking turns down whatever lane the band sees fit. This means that one song might feel like the warmest, fire-place and sweater weather evening and the next captures the feelings of being followed home by a man in a mask. It’s a journey that not many artists could take you on in a manner as effortlessly as Haunter has, but it’s one you’re going to want to see to completion. The band was also kind enough to include a visual representation, which somehow perfectly manages to translate the vibe present throughout Chiller into a different medium. You can stream the record via said accompaniment in full above.

When asked about the record, Haunter said: “Chiller is the juxtaposition between anxiety and calming. The word Chiller can have two meanings, a “chiller” can be another word for thriller or something scary or chilling. While the other meaning is quite the opposite in referring to “chilling” or relaxing/calm. With every trauma, there is the beginning of pain/anxiety hopefully followed by a calming at the end. This EP, to me, captures both and the in-between.