Premiere: Get in touch with your inner nerd with Odd Dates on “Morts a Has Been”

Posted 1 year ago by Mike Moger


Odd Dates is the love child of Jeremy Dye and Sam Padalino. Hailing from Grand Rapids, the two have crafted a passion of music into a heartfelt and eclectic math-rock duo the likes of This Town Needs Guns and Gulfer. “Morts a Has Been” is the closing track from their new album ‘Deep Cuts Don’t Keep the Mansion Running’ out 7/22, which you can preorder here.

“Deep cuts don’t keep the mansion running”, said Dave Grohl once in a semi-obscure youtube video. The album’s namesake, this quote perfectly describes Odd Dates commitment to their craft. Not satisfied creating yet another album about unrequited love, not satisfied with the status quo. Odd Dates stand their ground and state simply, confidently: Fuck the mansion.

You can stream “Morts a Has Been” below, courtesy of Skeletal Lightning and the band: