Premiere: Cllctyrslf Fuse Dry Wit and Melodrama on their debut album, ‘–It Started Shifting’


Somewhere between the realms of Perspective, A Lovely Hand to Hold and JANK exists one of Philadelphia’s best-hidden treasures, a band called cllctyrslf [pronounced: Collect Yourself]. Their debut album, ‘–It Started Shifting,‘ is packed with moments of melodrama fused with a dry wit that makes for one of the most charming first listens of recent memory. This narrative of this record often fluctuates between that of the smallest person in the room and the room itself, feeling both larger than life and like dust under the rug. I couldn’t be more excited to share ‘–It Started Shifting‘ with y’all before it’s official release later this Spring.

The album will be released on Near Mint Records, Sorry Girls Records, and Girls Cartel Records.  You can listen to the whole of ‘–It Started Shifting‘ below.

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