Premiere: Chris Swartz Gets Real with ‘Slander’

Posted 11 months ago by Joel Funk

Late last year, we brought you the music video for a Chris Swartz song called “Texas.” In that piece, I spoke of the promise I felt radiating from that one track. A few months later, and after sitting with the collection of songs that makes up Swartz’s newest effort, Slander, those feelings have only been cemented. The same aggression from “Texas” is present throughout Slander; while that may come across as cliche to some, the emotion in the delivery guarantees that you’ll feel the genuine heartache that went into writing and recording these songs. Slander is set to come out this Friday. Below, you’ll find a stream of this fantastic EP and a little bit of information from Chris on what the rest of 2017 holds for him.

I wrote the EP over the last year, following an unfortunate situation involving some slanderous accusations about me. Though the accusations were all false, it tore me apart mentally and I ended up leaving university because of it. A couple of the songs confront the accuser. ‘Stone Cold’ describes my last night in Philly when I played a show at the late Stone Cold Castle (RIP) and the accuser showed up and watched my set. While the songs may be negative in nature, they very honestly and accurately describe how I felt over the last year. However, I always strive to convey to people that positivity is very important and that it’s okay to not be okay. I encourage everyone to get help if they aren’t mentally healthy. Music is my outlet to get negativity out and take that burden off of my shoulders.

I recorded it with Mat Kerekes of Citizen in October of 2016, he also produced/mixed/mastered it. As for my upcoming stuff, I leave for a full US tour on 2/3 with Something More. I’m also finishing up a Chris Swartz full band record that will be coming out in the late spring. I’ll be touring very heavily in 2017 all around the country.