Premiere: Boy On Guitar Channel 90’s Grunge on “Something Warm”

By now, it’s clear that the sounds and attitude of early 90’s grunge are roaring with life again. This is evident with the success of bands like Basement and Superheaven, and it’s clear that with their new material, Boy On Guitar is slated to be remembered as one of the bands that perfected this revivalist wave. We’re excited to bring you the aptly titled and soaringly fuzzy new song, “Something Warm,” which is the second single from their upcoming split with Chase Huglin. Jennings’ vocals are haunting and feel slightly disconnected, not enough to make the listener uncomfortable, but enough to drive home the refrain of “I wish that I could concentrate on something warm, something good.” That and the deliberate crunch of the guitar riff gives the track an undeniable The White Stripes vibe that I just can’t seem to shake, no matter how often I listen to it. The split is due out on May 6th through Broken World Media, Ronald Records, Road Soda Records, Way Grimace Records, and Santapogue Media. You can stream “Something Warm” below.

This was posted 1 year ago by Joel Funk.
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