Premiere: Bonzo Will Have You Sinking Like a “Stone” With Their Fuzzy Brand of Pop

Posted 1 year ago by Julie Gomez


Bonzo have released two LP’s in the last two years and are set to release their third, Stranger, on October 15thThe Ann Arbor based band strives, “to make songs that are unconventionally catchy, and to always look for spaces to change the atmosphere and challenge themselves as musicians within a song.”

Stranger moves builds on the fusion of Emo, Pop-punk, bedroom-pop sound found in Bonzo’s previous releases 88.3 and Summer in Japan and adds an additional layer of shoegaze fuzz.

Guitarist/Vocalist John Sciortino explains, “Stone is about the difficulty in taking emotional action during situations that require it. Especially when it involves relationships with those that are close to you, there is an expectation to express yourself sufficiently that can sometimes prove to be quite evasive. In such situations or relationships, I think it’s important to examine how you act, or what you turn into. I think I have some favorite songs on the record, but more important for me are specific moments. Like the first drop of “Stone”, or when the drums come in on “Trinity” halfway through. Every time I hear those moments they just slam me. They become my favorite if they put me in the same space of feeling that I had when I was making them. ”

We’re excited to bring you guys a stream of a new song called “Stone,” which is available below.