Our Lady Tremble and Crash Through Feelings of “Guilt”


The Our Lady bio will tell you that this band has spent a lot of time growing. Initially serving as the vessel for some incredible angst-ridden post-hardcore, Our Lady has made sure to take influence from other genres as they’ve matured, creating a fuller bodied sound and an aging process most vineyards only dream of. When asked to classify themselves, Our Lady will tell you that they’re a post-everything band. That claim may initially come across as arrogant or even a little dismissive, but their newest record has only backed this up tenfold. Lure will be released on August 19th via Mayfly Records, and can be pre-ordered here. I’m so excited to share a new song called “Guilt” with y’all. Your first listen will immediately remind you of newer Pianos Become The Teeth and The World Is. It’s a brooding song that sees quiet moments erupt into cathartic crashes and has the kind of uneasy, trembling vocals that sell you on the emotion their trying to communicate. You can stream “Guilt” below.

This was posted 12 months ago by Joel Funk.
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