Nobody’s Babe Put Their Heart on Their Sleeve on ‘The Words I Mean To Say’

Posted 1 year ago by Joel Funk

Nobody’s Babe exist at this incredinle intersection of pre-Talon Of The Hawk style The Front Bottoms, an angstier Diet Cig, and these soaring vocals that would have truly dominated late 90’s R&B. Musically, The Words I Mean to Say flirts with the idea of being an alt-country album with lyrics that are so deeply personal that the weight of what’s being sung is immediately evident. This is only furthered by the tracks on the album that are strictly voicemail recordings; they take you out of the record for a minute, adding another layer of humanity to the music that often falls by the wayside. I danced around the idea of leaving you a suggestion of songs to listen to first, but you’re going to strap yourself in for the ride from the second “Bruises” beings to play. The Words I Mean to Say is being self-released on September 18th, and you can hear the album in full below.