Late Pass: Casey, ‘Love Is Not Enough’

Late Pass is a new recurring feature in which we review an album from the past year that we missed out on when it was first released. Today, Zac Djamoos covers Casey’s debut Love Is Not Enough.

There are two sides to Casey’s sound. There’s the side that’s shown off on Love Is Not Enough’s opener “Bloom,” the side that’s punishing and blistering and feels like a kick to the face. “Darling” goes in the other direction, being dreamier and more atmospheric. The most impressive aspect of the band is how well they balance the two.

Probably my favorite hardcore album of last year was Touche Amore’s masterpiece Stage Four. Part of the reason why that album is so powerful is its mix of heaviness and lightness. While Casey doesn’t necessarily sound like Touche Amore (I’d sooner compare them to Departures or My Iron Lung), the principle is the same. The contrast breaks up what could be a fairly run-of-the-mill melodic hardcore record and completely transforms it. A song like “Little Bird,” which oscillates between heartbroken dirge and throat-shredding catharsis, immediately stands out. I don’t feel like there are many bands anymore who can do both at once. La Dispute leans heavily on the softer end these days, letlive. seems to want to be a pop band, Senses Fail is doubling down on the metallic influence. It’s nice to have a band who dabbles in a couple different genres.

If I’d been paying more attention, Love Is Not Enough could’ve given Stage Four a run for its money last year. Better late than never, I suppose. And if you’re reading this, there’s a fair chance you’re in the same boat as I am. You’ll want to change that, believe me.

This was posted 4 months ago by Zac Djamoos.
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