Former Tiny Ugly Germs Frontman gets “Back In The Groove” with New Band, Starter Garden


Starter Garden was born soon after the deflation of vocalist Nathan Lertiz’s former band, The Tiny Ugly Germs. The Tiny Ugly Germs existed somewhere in the fold of shoegaze and jangly emo, with the rough and ridged sounding vocals you would expect from a pop punk band. Starter Garden continues that trend for the most part, although now things seem to be a little more focused and a lot less shoegaze. For instance, you could look at the band’s first single, a swampy and cathartic mission statement called “Back in the Groove.” The track comes across dense, like a thick rolling fog has slowly swept it’s way over you. It’s a bit of a trudge into the final moments of pure, shouty, cathartic bliss. You can pre-order their debut album, Made of Glass, Made of Stone, here before it’s release on December 6th through Road Soda records.

You can stream “Back In The Groove” below.

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