Exclusive: The Magic Fountain Release a Glimmering and Chaotic Music Video for “Glamscum’s First Communion”

the magic fountain

If y’all like Loner Chic, you’re going to love The Magic Fountain. Both are responsible for the same kind of fast-paced and intelligent pop music. The Magic Fountain’s debut album is full of incredibly well-written pop songs tackling subjects varying from identifying as non-binary to a high school teacher from their hometown. Today, we’re bringing you the music video for the incredible, and aptly titled new single, “Glamscum’s First Communion.” The video plays out with vocalist Tom Lizo personifying a Lush Bath Bomb; covered in glitter, slowly but surely losing their cool, and creating something beautiful while doing so. This seemingly over the top visual works in stark contrast to the song’s lyrical content, which focuses on Lizo’s experience with coming out as queer and non-binary through the lens of an abusive relationship. The chaotic energy of the performance half of this video reflects the feelings of anxiety and frustration of this in a way that couldn’t properly be communicated through the traditional cinematic music video. You can watch the music video for “Glamscum’s First Communion” below, and if you like what you hear (you will), pre-orders for their self-titled LP are available here.


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