Cherry Blossom Get Experimental With “X Files” Music Video

Photo: Shelby Sheppard

Cherry Blossom aren’t wasting any time with introductions. Today, I’m excited to share the music video for a new song of theirs called “X Files” that immediately puts vocalist Holden Taylor under a microscope, so to speak. We open with a close shot of their face in what appears to be a hospital room and the track’s timidly eruptive introduction. Sonically, Cherry Blossom feels like the missing link between Turnover’s Magnolia and Peripheral Vision, combining aspects that I loved from both of those releases into something entirely new and exciting. Cherry Blossom’s debut EP, Belvedere, is out on April 30th via Santapogue Media. You can pre-order the release here and catch the music video for “X Files” below.

This was posted 4 months ago by Joel Funk.
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