Catching Up: Set Your Goals

Posted 2 years ago by Joel Funk

catching up

Written by Scott Fugger

Does this new generation of pop punk kids know Set Your Goals? I hope so, but if not I’m glad to be the one to introduce them. Set Your Goals along with bands like Four Year Strong and A Day to Remember took over the mid-00s scene, combining pop punk and hardcore in a fresh and exciting way. These bands made up a large majority of my high school soundtrack, with Set Your Goals fostering an especially deep connection through their realist positivity and unchained energy.

Set Your Goals’ touring endeavors stretch the gamut from New Found Glory to August Burns Red, including multiple stints on Warped Tour. The crown jewel of the band’s discography is definitely Mutiny! though the two albums that followed are still full of bangers. The last release before their abrupt and unclear “deep hibernation” was a double single in 2012 “Only Right Now + I’ll Walk It Off,” produced by Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory, which was meant to be a preview prior to recording their fourth album.

Late last year the band teased their return. As of right now this has only amounted to three shows, but I sincerely hope there is more on the way be it a ‘Mutiny!’ ten-year tour, new music, or just about anything else. Whether you’re too young for Set Your Goals, you missed them the first time around, or you just fell out of touch there’s no better time than the present to start catching up.