Slept On It: Eskimeaux

Posted 1 year ago by Joel Funk

Unmade bed with messed up white bed linen in a rumpled heap and daylight streaming in from the window behind

I am sick of finding myself completely wrapped up in one or two releases, only to stumble across something that I’ve been sleeping on a few months down the road. The powers of YouTube (more honestly: an algorithm paired with the fact that I was entirely too lazy to hit a switch that turns off autoplay) served as a striking and beautiful reminder of that. Recent days have seen a lot of Bellows pouring through my headphones and computer speakers, and a recent late night deep dive resulted in my umpteenth time watching Bellows’ Tiny Desk Concert. The powers that be decided that, without request, I was going to watch the Eskimeaux session. I can’t think of the last time a live session has moved me in the way that this Tiny Desk Concert did.

Within seconds I was swept up in Gabrielle’s lush vocals and lyrics — both feel so pure and wise that they can come across as other worldly. Hearing the way their vocals swell around the lyrics “In my dreams you’re a bathtub running, you are warm and tender and bubbling” felt like magic. Even still, the hairs on my arms stand at full attention when we hit that part of the session. This session and the record it accompanied are nearly a year old at this point, and in that time Eskimeaux has put out a new EP. I’ve yet to make my way into Year of The Rabbit, mostly because I’ve just begun to appreciate OK. You can watch the session that made me fall in love below. Sorry I slept on it.